One Night Wizards

Game night just got a LOT more offensive! One Night Wizards: Beta Version is a tongue-in-cheek love song to role-playing games of the early 1980’s that encourages bad behavior, hallucinogenic drug use, and the crushing of thine enemies in the most epic of ways!

Choose a Race (Human, Elf, Dwarf, or Cyclops), pick up hilarious weapons from your local McLooty vending machine, and go to town on the monsters of Generica! This handbook contains everything that a player or Wizard Master needs – all in less than 100 pages! One Night Wizards only requires one twenty-sided die per player… yeah, that’s it!


This game is perfect for one-session shenanigans or on the nights that the whole gaming gang can’t get together. Revival Games is still looking to gather some global feedback from gaming geeks like YOU in the hopes of building on the foundation that’s already been established – hence the whole “Beta Version” thing! So, pick up a copy and tell us what you think!


Download our “two-per page” character sheet HERE!